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Blues Brothers
Season 2, Episode 8
Soul Men.png
Air date September 12, 2004
Written by Craig DiGregorio
Directed by Fred Savage
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Blues Brothers is the eighth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


Walter picks Josh to be his co-weatherman. Drake prepares for a talent show; Josh appeared on Walter's weather channel and discovers that he has stage fright, which causes him to twitch on live TV. The forecast was unfortunately viewed by many in San Diego which Josh had been teased by viewers. To remove this poor reputation due to this, Drake offers him to appear in his talent show audition and perform the song Soul Man. He encounters the Asian American boy band At Last and they try to prove that they are the better singers. They sing Drake's song I Found A Way, much to his dismay. Helen runs the Belleview Talent Show at The Premiere. Drake and Josh perform and thanks to this, Josh overcomes his stage fright and the boy band eats crow in the process.



  • As of October 2012, this is the only episode from season 2 that haven't aired on television (due to copyright reasons such as a clip from the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers). This episode is also not included on streaming services such as Hulu, Paramount+, iTunes, Amazon Video, etc.
  • One of the guys who was arguing over the way Josh twitched is played by Jake Farrow, who made his first appearance as Gavin Mitchell in the next episode.
  • This episode marks the return of Yvette Nicole Brown, who reprises her role as Helen since her show, The Big House, ended after 6 episodes.
  • When Drake is trying to cheer Josh up after being picked on for his twitch, he turns on the TV and a clip from the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers is shown.
  • The black suits, black hats and sunglasses that Drake and Josh are wearing in the talent show are very similar to what Jake and Elwood wore in The Blues Brothers.
  • The boy band At Last guest stars on this episode. They would later appear on America's Got Talent.
  • Logan and Michael were seen watching this in the Zoey 101 episode "New Roomies."*This episode of Drake & Josh is similar to the Even Stevens episode, "Take My Sister, Please" where Hewitt and his friends steal Drake's song which is actually the theme song to this show that aired on TV in January 2004 where Drake and Josh sing, "Soul Man" from The Blues Brothers onstage at The Premiere. The way that fans of "Drake & Josh" see it reminds them a little bit of the way that Larry Beale and Ivan stole Ren and Louis' comedy act until it got to the point of when they sang opera instead as a way to share the embarrassment.
  • Drake naming his rabbit George is possibly a reference to Mean Creek, in which Josh Peck starred in, playing a person also named George.


  • Drake should have revealed to the producers of the talent show that the Belleview Choral Society stole the song he was going to perform during the show. That way, Belleview would get disqualified.
  • When Josh and Megan are talking and the camera is focused both on them and the door, there is only one dice on the table. The camera pans in to focus on Josh and Megan and out again to focus on Josh, Megan and the area where the door is, two dice appear on the same table.
  • The teacher said that the ice cream was for a PTA meeting tonight, but it could melt if it's being left out like that.
    • It is likely the the ice cream was frozen before the meeting.