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Believe Me, Brother
Season 1, Episode 3
Believe Me, Brother.jpg
Air date Feburary 1, 2004 USA

September 19, 2004 Canada

Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Virgil L. Fabian
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Believe Me, Brother is the third episode of Season 1 of Drake & Josh and the third episode of the series overall.


Josh thinks Drake's flirtatious new girlfriend is interested in him too and sets up a sting operation to find out the truth.


In the opening comments, Drake is dating a girl named Susan while Josh was waiting for Drake with the pizza.

Josh has suspicions that Susan, Drake's new girlfriend, is flirting with him behind Drake's back. Drake laughs it off at first, but then becomes angry when he catches Susan kissing Josh and believes Josh is trying to steal Susan from him. Josh tries to explain his innocence to Drake, but Drake ignores him and the two become increasingly distant.

Drake eventually learns the truth when Megan inserts a video of Susan flirting with Josh (along with many other embarrassing shots of Drake and Josh) into their music video project. Enraged and betrayed, Drake dumps her, and the two boys then thank a stunned Megan for her prank, and get even with Susan by putting purple paint in her locker.

During the end credits, Drake sings "The Girl Next Door" and Josh plays with his toy octopus and alligator in the bathtub.



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  • This is the first episode from season 1 that haven't aired on TeenNick since June 2011. However, the episode is still available on any streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+. It is not available on Hulu due to licensing issues with material used in the episode and was never included on home media releases.
  • Josh’s interest of talking to objects is seen again in Movie Job.
  • This is the first episode where Drake actually has a steady girlfriend
  • The beginning scene in the garage must have occurred before school, because after the main titles, the scene starts with them at school and Susan notices purple paint (from Megan's prank) on Josh's neck.
  • Ashley Eckstein guest starred as Susan.
  • This is the first time in the series a girl is more interested in Josh than in Drake.
  • In this episode, Drake laughs at the idea of a girl being interested in Josh, yet helps him get a girl in First Crush.
  • This is Josh's first kiss.
  • This episode is listed as episode two on Amazon.


  • Lizards can't make out.
  • When the purple paint explodes all over Drake and Josh, none of it gets on the spot Susan notices.
  • Josh couldn't dress in the closet due to all the clothes hanging there and the lack of light.
  • Megan apparently was filming when Susan kissed Josh, but as you see Susan walk by a table the camera can be seen, therefore Megan couldn't have been filming. However, she may have had a different camera.
  • Before the portion of the video proving that Josh was telling the truth about Susan begins playing, Drake begins to stop the video. Once the video continues playing, he stops and moves his hand away from the VCR. Then Josh yells "Drake, wait!" and Drake can be seen backing away again.
  • In the beginning of the scene where Josh walks into the living room to ask his parents what they think about Susan, Drake's new girlfriend, a microphone can be seen hanging from the ceiling.
  • In the scene where Josh tries to prove Susan is cheating on Drake with him, after Drake comes out of the closet, the camera is facing him (Drake) and the right side of Josh's shirt is on his right shoulder. In the next shot, it's hanging off his shoulder. When the camera faces Drake again, the shirt is back on Josh's shoulder. In the final shot, the camera is facing Josh and the shirt is hanging off of his shoulder again and he fixes it.
  • When Josh is in the bathtub, a skin colored T-Shirt can be seen and there is no water.
  • Megan filming Josh in the bathtub would constitute invasion of privacy.
  • In the scene where Drake walks in the room, he closes the door and Josh tries to explain to him about his Miss. Nancy advice column to Drake but while he's explaining to him, you can see that the bedroom door is open but when he's done talking about it, the door's closed.
  • Josh tells Drake to hide in the closet and Drake tells Josh that he's got 30 seconds with Susan, but if you count, Josh actually had more than 30 seconds with her while Drake was in the closet.
  • Megan's Pranks: Splat purple paint on Drake and Josh's faces and recording embarrassing moments of them two.
  • Drake can get fat if he ate an entire pizza in one day in the introduction.