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Battle of Panthatar
Season 4, Episode 16
Battle of Panthatar
Air date April 15, 2007
Written by Matt Fleckenstein
Directed by Josh Peck
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Battle of Panthatar (also known as The Battle of Panthatar) is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Thornton Locke is throwing what may be the greatest sixteenth birthday party ever, but Drake and Josh get banned from the party. Josh makes Drake give Thornton his autographed Abbey Road album, but to no avail, so they both try to get the album back.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh ask themselves random questions, Drake and Josh are invited to their friend Thornton's 16th birthday party which will air on MTV live on it's Dude, I'm 16 show. However, they are uninvited to Thornton's Birthday Party after Thornton catches Drake kissing Maria his new girlfriend and Josh distracted Thornton. Thornton also broke up with Maria for cheating on him with Drake. To get into the party, Josh pushes a reluctant Drake into giving Thornton his autographed Abbey Road (The Beatles) album which is what he had just received from an English man to keep in the room, Even though he accepts the gift and labels it as his best birthday gift, Thornton still does not welcome them into the party but he lets Megan in. As a result, Drake & Josh invade the party dressed up as the Red Skynauts from Galaxy Wars (a parody of Star Wars) with Lightsabers, to try to get the album back. Unfortunately, they are discovered but they are able to escape with Drake secretly getting the album back, During the end credits, Drake and Josh are trying to find a way to get inside Thornton's birthday party but the guards would not let them in.



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  • Audrey and Walter do not appear in this episode. Audrey was only mentioned at the end by Josh.
  • Battle of Panthatar is a parody of the Sci-Fi TV show, Battlestar Galactica starring the late Richard Hatch.
  • This marks the final episode since Josh Is Done to feature just Drake, Josh, and Megan without Audrey and Walter.
  • This is the final episode that Audrey does not appear in.
  • This episode was directed by Josh Peck, who plays Josh in the show.
  • In European airings (excluding Scandinavia), Drake and Maria kissing was cut.
  • When Josh is watching TV (before Rick Howard and the MTV crew arrive) a female announcer says, "Coming up next on Susanna Louisiana...", which is a parody of Hannah Montana.
  • Dude, I'm 16. is a parody of the real life MTV series My Super Sweet 16.
  • Galaxy Wars is also mentioned frequently in Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious , and Henry Danger, all of which were also created by Dan Schneider. It's a parody of Star Wars.
  • Nathan Kress, who played Thornton's little brother, Toplin, made a cameo, but his scene was cut.
    • He did appear in the background of a later scene.
  • It is mentioned by Megan that Thornton's brother, Toplin, has a "thing" for her. Since Toplin is played by Nathan Kress and Megan is played by Miranda Cosgrove, it is similar to iCarly because of Freddie Benson, who is also played by Nathan Kress, has a thing for his neighbor Carly Shay, who is also played by Miranda Cosgrove.
    • Toplin was written to make an appearance in the episode, but was written out because it was confusing fans for Freddie Benson on iCarly.
  • It's possible that Thornton uninvited Josh even for nothing due to the fact that he uninvited Drake, as earlier in the episode he stated "if he has to invite Drake, then he had to invite Josh too".
  • Josh mentions B.F. Wangs from Steered Straight when he says both him and Drake cut through the parking lot.
  • This is the only episode featuring Club Diego as one of the places Drake and Josh go.
  • This is the final episode where the word "Evil" is used.
  • Drake kiss Maria on the lips similar to Harry kiss Mary Jane on the lips from Spiderman 3.


  • Drake says he went to Thornton's house to apologize after kissing his girlfriend Maria by accident. When Josh asks him what happened next, Drake says that Thornton's housekeeper kicked him out by hitting him with a broom and falling down some brick stairs. However, when Drake comes back telling Josh what happened, he's not shown to be hurt.
    • It is likely his injuries have already healed by then.
  • While Drake is beginning to eat the banana, it has no bruises, but then seconds later while he is eating it, it is covered in bruises.
  • Crazy Steve says 'No yelling in the theater area', but they're actually in the lobby. The theater area is where the entrance to the theaters are.
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