Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Alias: Bob(Josh)
Lives In: Petting Zoo
Children: Baby Lamb
Owners: Megan Parker(formerly)
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Walter Nichols
Audrey Parker-Nichols
Production Info
Only Appearance: Sheep Thrills

Baaahhb was Megan's secret pet sheep who only appears in Sheep Thrills. Baaahhb was pregnant and gave birth to a lamb on Drake's bed.


Megan secretly ordered Baaahhb from thesheepstore.com without permission from her parents and named it "Baaahhb" as a pun on "baaahh" and "Bob". Drake and Josh heard Baaahhb in the garage and thought it was a burglar. However, all they find is Baaahhb. Baaahhb is Megan's secret pet and was believed to be a boy until giving birth to a baby lamb, after being assisted by Dr. Jeff Glazer. Megan tells Drake and Josh that if they take care of her for a while, she won't pull any pranks on them for a month. However, this turns out to be a trick as when Walter and Audrey Parker-Nichols find out about the sheep, Megan pretends that she's never seen Baaahhb in her life so that Drake and Josh would get grounded. Then, Baaahhb and her lamb are put in a petting zoo.