Ashley Blake
Ashley Blake
General Information
Gender: Female
Occupation(s): Child Actress
Family & Friends
Friends: Citrus (formerly)
Megan Parker (Little Diva)
Enemies: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Other Information
Talent: Being an Actress
Weaknesses: Getting hit with a bucket
Series Information
First appearance: Little Diva
Last appearance: Little Diva
Portrayed By: Skyler Samuels

Ashley Blake (portrayed by Skyler Samuels) is a minor character who appeared as the main antagonist in the episode, Little Diva. Portrayed as a spoiled and insolent Hollywood child actress, she is seen differently to the rest of the world, who are oblivious to her temperament. She's a parody of Dakota Fanning.

Role in Little Diva

She primarily plays as the main antagonist in Little Diva. When first seen, Josh acts as a big fan of hers and his friendly hospitality is undermined by the reaction Blake presents when presented with chilled water, as opposed to room temperature water. Furthermore, this hostility towards Josh, and later Drake, builds a strong relationship between her and Megan, due to their strong desires to prank and torture Josh and Drake.

In addition to the water bottle incident, Blake abuses her power by being presented with a bodyguard, Citrus, and this is usually in place to intimidate rebellious deeds against her. This is most notable when Josh and Drake refuse to offer soy latte when Blake busts into Josh and Drake's house, demanding a soy latte. The unjust abuse of Citrus is later stressed towards the end of Little Diva when he decides to go off with a, presumably, date, rather than to help an awakening Ashley Blake.

In contrast to her similarities with Megan, Blake is unaware of the effects of her actions. Her childish temperament is often portrayed towards Drake and Josh, while the rest of the world often shrugs off her behavior, due to her fame. Her hamartia is her spatial awareness, or lack thereof. In essence, the bucket falling underscores her lack of spatial awareness and the effects it has on Blake.

Movies Ashley Blake Starred In

  • Kid Astronaut
  • Kid Doctor
  • Kid Principal
  • Kid President
  • Kid Astrologist
  • Kid Archaeologist


  • She is similar to a girl named Amber Tate from iCarly because they are both rude, mean, sadistic, cold, heartless, and greedy child actresses.
  • She is similar to Megan Parker; she is a Hollywood version of Megan herself.