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Angie Gega
Angie Gega
Gender: Female
Role: Kyra Elliott
Occupation: Singer
SeasonsAppeared: Season 4
FirstAppearances: Dance Contest
LastAppearances: Dance Contest

Angie Gega is Professional Singer, Actress, Author, and Dancer. She is mainly known for playing Kyra Elliott in Drake & Josh


Angie Gega is a professional singer, actress, author, and award-winning dancer that aims to make an emotional and financial difference in the world. She had two degrees(one in Broadcasting & one in Communication). She also studies Psychology at affiliated UK Sheffield Universe of Greece. Angie Gega speaks Has knowledge in 4 languages (Albanian, English, Italian and Spanish); and she sings songs in 9 of them Multiple singles and music videos have been released by Anjez. She was the founder of BECHLEM.


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Master Qi: The Ancient Art of Maximum Efficiency in Self Preservations and Hand Punching with Kicks and Ground Fighting Master's Aassistant' Documentary Short Film
2007 Rebel Studz: The Uncensored Documentary Alma Beu Short Film
2008 A Murder in Venetian Fashion Dancing Girl 1 Short Film
2010 Missing Audrey Natalia
2016 Guys Reading Poems Theatre Patron
Year Title Role Notes
2007 Drake & Josh Kyra Elliot Episode: Dance Contest
2009 I'm Alive Kaylynn Episode Ambushed

Documentary Series

2009 Kung Fu Femmes FFemme #2 Episode 1.3
2010 Solved Linda Episode: Bike Path Killer
2012 Bones Masseuse Episode: The Don't in the Do
2014 Outrageous 911 Cop Episode: CPR on a Bear
2014 Tinker Steampunk Lala Deák Episode: Telephone Ranger
2015 Tinker WeSeries Lala Deák
2019 Por amar sin lay Attorney Episode: ¿Culpable o inocente?

Episode: Justicia para los hermanos latinos

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