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Alien Invasion
Season 3, Episode 16
Air date March 18, 2006
Production Code 316
Written by Steve Holland
Directed by Will Bardelli
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Alien Invasion is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


When Drake and Josh turn the tables and play a prank on Megan, she has the whole family believing that aliens are coming. What they don't realize is that they're all in for a close encounter.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh told the viewers about what Megan has done to them, like putting kitty litter on Josh's sneakers and dying his underwear pink, or that Drake's joining the Mexican army and giving his phone number to 3 hobos.

Megan has just gotten a brand-new telescope and is using Josh's laptop and Drake's leather jacket without their permission and gets them sent to their room after convincing Walter that both of them pushed her down, upsetting the boys. They hatch a plan to turn the tables and prank Megan. First, they insert fake images of aliens onto the laptop screen. Megan falls for the prank and believes that aliens are invading.

Drake and Josh then get Eric to adjust the electric switches in the kitchen to control the technology inside, then they frighten Megan and make her still believe aliens are real. Drake and Josh continue to try to prove to her that aliens are invading, and when Megan is left home alone one night, Drake and Josh dress up as aliens and get their comeuppance on Megan.

Just as Drake and Josh celebrate, a real alien shows up that turns out to be Megan's friend, and he scares Drake and Josh away, but not Megan when she realizes who he is. Leaving the boys to their own fears as payback, Megan and her alien friend. Danny, then hang out together as Megan makes him coffee in the house as her parents come home, with the alien scaring Walter away when he discovers him, forcing him to jump out the window, shocking Audrey as well.

During the end credits, Drake was singing his song while Josh is doing his homework which causes him to be distracted by Drake's song. Drake and Josh were wondering if they wanted to go downstairs to see if the alien was a big joke.



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  • This is the first episode directed by Will Bardelli.
  • The fact that Megan pulled a prank on the boys by involving someone dressed up as an alien to scare them, this hints that she might have found out about the boys pranking her and plotted revenge.
  • This episode shares similarities with an episode of the 90's sitcom Step by Step titled "Getting Organized" in which sisters Dana and Karen trick their stepbrother and stepcousin J.T. and Cody that a UFO is coming to earth but end up being tricked instead. Both episodes also feature characters hiding in a trash container and getting garbage dumped on them.
  • This is the only episode which Eric appears without Craig, not counting Eric's appearance in Mindy Loves Josh or the background during the fight scene in Pilot. Although Craig was mentioned by Drake when mistakenly called Eric, Craig.
  • The DVD version has missing scenes that are cut from the TV version. These include Josh telling Drake, "Please don't breathe in my ear", the scene after that with Megan and Walter washing dishes, extended alien talk from Drake and Josh, etc.
  • Photo Doc is a parody of Photoshop.
  • Ghost Monsters is a parody of Ghostbusters.
  • It's revealed that Denise is Mindy's 3rd cousin, and her occupation is a special effects makeup artist.
  • The person dressed in and wearing the “Danny” alien costume at the end of the episode is unknown and never revealed.
  • When Drake and Josh take off their alien masks after scaring Megan, you can see closely that Drake's spiky hair returns from Season 1.
  • This episode is featured as a flashback in the next episode, Dr. Phyllis Show.


  • Even with Megan out of the house, Drake and Josh climb through their room's window instead of using the stairs.
    • They probably do not want to risk being seen.
  • Drake and Josh want to wear makeup to look like aliens, but they use masks instead.
    • However, they could have reconsidered and chose to wear masks instead.
  • When Drake and Josh are getting Megan back on the pranks, she actually somehow knew that they were pranking her with the aliens the whole time because when she gets scared with Drake and Josh seeing Danny as the other alien, she was just pretending to act all scared just to play along and to get rid of Drake and Josh as she got happy with that, she somehow got them back on the pranks again.
    • She likely wanted them to get even with her.
  • When Drake is talking French through the ham radio, Megan heard him which got her confused since she's still looking for aliens so she could've found out that it was actually Drake and Josh talking on the ham radio the whole time and shouldn't have been surprised listening to aliens.
  • During the middle of the episode, Megan is seen getting up from sitting on the couch as Drake and Josh exit the house. When Megan turns around, her yellow panties can be seen sticking out the top of her jeans as she walks away.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Drake irritates Josh by playing his guitar while Josh tries to do homework. Drake stands up and keeps playing the guitar. The guitar is not plugged into anything, yet the sound the guitar produces is clearly meant to be coming from a guitar amp.
  • Walter punishes Drake and Josh instead of Megan, even though she admitted that she lied on the ground and screamed.
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