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Alice Hayfer
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 27, 1953
Alias: Mrs. Hayfer
Interests: Teaching
Occupation: English Teacher
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Husband: Jerald Hayfer
Children: Kelly Hayfer (daughter)
Pets: Tiberius (dog)
Friends: Josh Nichols
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Mindy Crenshaw
Production Info
Portrayed by: Julia Duffy
First Appearance: Mean Teacher
Last Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh (cameo)

Linda Alice Hayfer is a recurring character on Drake & Josh. She is played by Julia Duffy.

She’s Drake and Josh's English teacher. She adores Josh, due to his hard-working personality, but hates Drake due to his consistently poor performance in school. In fact, her catchphrase is "I hate you, Drake", with Drake responding, "I know". She also always says "To the nurse!", which is her own bizarre way by telling people to leave her classroom.

Mrs. Hayfer also has a teenage daughter named Kelly, who Drake briefly dated, much to her dismay. In "Honor Council", she comes into the classroom to find her car parked where Drake and Josh's seats were originally located and accuses Drake of putting the car there, but her star student, Mindy, was the real culprit for giving her a "B" and Drake proved to be innocent as well apologizes to him though she said she still hates him. In this episode, it was said that her first name was "Alice". However, in "Vicious Tiberius", her name is shown in a video as Linda Hayfer. She also appears in the television film, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh while Drake is driving his car, and he hits a fire hydrant and accidentally sprays her with water while she’s walking on the sidewalk.


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  • She has a vicious Rottweiler dog named Tiberius.
  • Mrs. Hayfer seems to have an instinctive habit of declaring Drake's answers or his homework wrong for no reason other than hating him. In her first appearance, she failed his essay despite it being flawless, and then multiple times declared his answers wrong even though he answered correctly and even forgot she was talking to him. This is such a tricky disgrace that when a fellow student answered the same questions that she gave to Drake, she gave the other student full credit for the correct answer.
  • She hates Drake and likes Josh a lot, which contrasts how most people feel about the brothers.
  • Judging by Drake’s drawings of Mrs. Hayfer in Honor Council, it reveals that Drake hates her back.
  • Mrs. Hayfer's last name was inspired by Steve Hoefer (who works with Dan Schneider), whose last name is pronounced 'Hayfer'.
  • In Honor Council, Josh said her first name was Alice, but in Vicious Tiberius, her first name is shown to be Linda during her appearance on Search for the Stars.
  • Mrs. Hayfer and Helen Dubois seem to have somewhat opposite personalities: Mrs. Hayfer despises Drake, but adores Josh, while Helen hates Josh, but adores Drake.
    • Mrs. Hayfer treats Drake far worse than Helen treats Josh, seeing as Helen and Josh got along better in the episode Josh Is Done.
  • Mrs. Hayfer gives all the credit to Josh and mistreats Drake like always. However, in Honor Council, Mrs. Hayfer apologizes to Drake for thinking he was the one that put her car into her classroom after Mindy confesses. Even though she admits her mistake, she says she still hates him.
  • No one in her class laughs at her jokes.
  • In Honor Council, the closed-captions misspelled Hayfer as Haeffer.
  • She was mentioned in Megan's First Kiss.
  • Mrs. Hayfer never really goes to The Premiere, except in the episode Little Sibling.