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"Drake Parker, you just blew my underpants off."
―Alan Krim
Alan Krim
Alan Krim
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Employment: Vice president of Spin City Records (Formerly)
Occupation: Former vice president of Spin City Records
Wife: Unnamed wife
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Nick Mateo
Production Info
Portrayed by: Joseph Will
Only Appearance: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood
Really Big Shrimp

Alan Krim is the main antagonist of the two-parter Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp. He is the former vice president of Spin City Records who briefly managed to handle creative control of Drake Parker's music via persuading Josh Nichols, Drake's representative talent manager, into signing a music contract immediately without any consideration.


He was shown to be selfish and egocentric. He wants everything to go his way. For instance, he said he liked Drake's song, but he really wanted to asked Drake to sign a contract. so that he can remix the song the way he think is sounds good.


Krim is the former vice president of Spin City Records and wants to help make Drake's song "Makes Me Happy" a new hit. However after an enraged Drake tells Josh that he needs to play dirty back, Josh sneaks into the recording studio and switches the dreadful mix back to the original. When the commercial is played Drake is overjoyed but Krim suddenly rings Josh to tell them that what he did was a violation of the contract and legal action could be imposed on them. However, when Drake and Josh come to Spin City Records the next day, Krim is angered to hear that fans liked Drake's original version and Spin City Records put the song available online and there were so many downloads. As a result, Drake and Josh are free of all charges and consequently Krim is fired for trying to ruin Drake's song, trying to put it on live national TV for numerous people to hear and making Josh look bad.


Alan Krim(4)

Josh Nichols[]

Krim forces Josh to sign a contract, which Josh accidentally does without reading it due to being mesmerized by large shrimp. However Josh paid the price for this later on when it is revealed that he signed away all creative rights to Drake's song, to which Krim turns into a dreadful warp of music that he has also planned to air in a Daka shoe commercial during the Super Bowl.

Drake Parker[]

Alan Krim Contract

Krim invited Drake to listen to the song that would appear on the Superbowl. Drake hated that he changed the song that Krim said he like. Alan told Drake that he had sound mixer to work on the improving Drake's Song. Drake was really mad that Krim changed his song without his permission.

Nick Mateo[]

Alan Krim(6)

Krim was Nick Mateo's Spin City Record Vice President. Nick fired him for remixing Drake's song without the Spin City Records’s permission, after a lot of people wanted to buy Drake's real song. Nick Mateo reveals that the original remix was very well received by the public that they made the song available and many downloads crashed the server. Krim tries to protest by stating that Mateo's wife and his wife play golf together, to which Mateo smirks and replies that his wife’s cheat before he orders him to leave. Krim storms out of the room in a huff. He is not seen or mentioned after that.